Shame Seminar DVD Set

"I was first introduced to the teaching on SHAME while attending a conference in Wisconsin serval years ago. My younger sister had recently died at the age of thirty-two, having been diagnosed with siroccos of the liver. While listening to Bishop Wright's teaching on "Shame" I realized why my sister drowned herself in alcohol to cover her pain. I would later get the change to share this with Bishop Wright and exlaim to him the ghoughts that came tu us while we sta listening to his brief introduction of shame; he called it, "Your Failures Are Not Final". I then realized most of my friends; family and acquaintances could really benefit fromt he teaching and really were in need of the ministry.

About one year later, at my invitation, Bishop Wright came to the congregation where I oversee to share this much needed teaching. I sat amazed as I watched 100% of the people respond to this teaching. When individuals realized the adverse affects of their own negative feeling about themselves, and how these feelings were keeping them from fulfilling their own personal calling in the body of Christ, they readily received ministry to be healed of it.

It has been a process for me to understand the effects of shame and to recognize its varied sources. Once being ministered to for it, and the ongoing study of God's word to understand it, I have been able to help others to find their place int he body and become whole as Jesus intended." Written by Larry Schoonover


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Tuesday Night - The Introduction of Shame

Wednesday Day Session - How to minister to Shame

Wednesday Night - The ministry of Shame  (2 DVD's)

Thursday Day Session - How to minister to Shame   (3 DVD's)

Thursday Night - The ministry of Shame

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