Shame Seminar Syllabus (Downloadable Version)

Table of Contents

  1. Outpouring of the Holy Ghost in the last days
  2. Relationship
  3. Shame defined
  4. Shame is a grudge
  5. Sources of shame
  6. Recognizing shame
  7. The life-style of shame
  8. The emotions of shame
  9. Guilt verses shame
  10. Shame is the source of seperation from God
  11. Deception of shame
  12. Recovery from the snare of shame
  13. Saved from shame
  14. Becoming immune to shame
  15. God's method of dealing with shame
  16. Pardon verses justification
  17. The covering of shame
  18. The ministry of Lord Jesus Christ to this world
  19. The three step process to wholeness in God
  20. Jesus wants us to

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